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Bali on Film

In the middle of August, my best friends came down to Singapore and stayed with Kyla and I but we decided to take a detour into beautiful Bali. It was a year and a bit since we were all together and what better place to do it than on an island? Here you will find some of the photos from our days that were taken on the 35mm half frame.





Andrea x

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Grainin’ Greece

Hello, world.

In the midst of sorting out all my photographs and editing new ones here and there I have re-discovered my film photos from Santorini and Athens.

I have shared these images with my people on social media, but never on this platform. As always, some are better than others but I think they do capture the moments.

Greece was the second country Kyla and I went to on our “Europe” trip circa Summer 2016 and we basically spent the 24h of our days together. Personally I enjoyed Athens a lot more because it provided a variety of things to see, do and appreciate whereas Santorini, although beautiful, became a routine and we like spontaneity.

Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ve seen multiple photographs of the blue waters and white architecture that the world associates with the greek islands, but here’s my little take on it.



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Something a lil different: Here are some shots of me by Kyla, my personal photographer and best friend.



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Hint of Pink

Coming back home to a roll of film with only 5 shots left and not being able to remember what memories you’d captured before creates an air of anticipation as you await the results once the film gets sent to the developers.

I’d taken a risk and used an Ilford HP5 Plus Black and White Negative and was hoping to use it in my Olympus OM-1 but bad timing struck and my SLR has been damaged and sitting idle in my room, waiting for someone to be able to fix it.

So instead, I used my point and shoot, hoping for the best. There are many light leaks that seeped through because of a crack in my P&S (yes I am a klutz) but I’d like to think of them as beautiful mistakes.

As always, there’s room for improvement and until I can get my Olympus up and running again the pictures will never be the best quality but it’s not the tool, it’s how you use it. Right, boys and girls?


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X Andrea



Getting a developed roll of film back feels like a present. And a surprise.

I usually take at least a month before a roll of film is ready to be processed because of how much I treasure those 24 or 36 frames that I get – I mean, it accumulates and it’s expensive.

But nowadays, I’m trying to just let go of that worry and just let me take anything I want – capture the moment like I would on digital.

That’s what my new roll of film is going to be like. Or at least, I hope. I tried to incorporate more portraits in this roll as well because I never pay attention to people, just things.

Looking back, there is something missing from my photos and although they’re pleasing to the eye, I feel as though having people present in the pictures will make everything more personal.

Enjoy. Some of these picture are better quality because half of them were taken on a SLR and half were taken on a Lomo. I don’t have a preference because both give me different feels but see if you like them. x

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Andrea x