That’s usually the response I get when I tell people that I have, yes, crossed to the other side. I started this whole journey 6 months ago, when I decided I was going to try and be vegetarian. I was in a bad place and I wanted to feel physically and emotionally healthier and better, so I thought, why not try something new?  At the start, there were moments where I would let my guard down and give in to the temptations of fish because we’re so disconnected to the ocean and it’s inhabitants. The trauma and the pain fish feel when we trap and kill them seems a lesser evil compared to the slaughter that happens in farm houses. I deem myself a water baby.  I love the salty ocean, the pool, the rain (when I don’t need to get to class). And seeing documentaries that show just how much damage has already been done to our beautiful ocean makes me think again when temptations arise because I want to preserve it for as many generations to come.

I tried out NoVEGAN in, yes, the month of November while at school (England) and at first it was challenging because you don’t notice how many dairy products are in things like cereal, crisps, pasta, etc when really, why is milk powder in crisps….anyway. I decided the best way to avoid all of this was to just trust the chefs at my boarding school, who ever so kindly made vegan meals for me. They were hearty and relatively healthy so I was happy. Coming back home (Singapore), however, is a different story. When I cook for myself, I tend to prefer recipes that require minimal effort and to do so, I need to do my research. Fruit is plenty in Sunny Singapore and I’m so thankful to have parents that support me by buying tons of bananas. Yes. Bananas. I like to freeze them, eat them raw, put them on toast, everything. They’re also really affordable and it tastes like good for you candy, so that’s a plus. But we can’t just eat bananas all the time. At least I can’t. I’d get soooooooo bored. But I make do with rice and loooooooads of veggie. 🙂

I wanted to write on this because I honestly have never felt so good and the perks of switching to plant based diet are plentiful. I agree that it is hard to switch immediately from meat all the time to veggies all day everyday but taking it step by step is the way to go. Why not try something new? Maybe you’d like it.

x Andrea