• Currently: having a lie in on a Tuesday. 
  • Next up: reading on the beach.
  • Life is good.

Exams are over and my friends and I have decided to fly off to Malta for 10 days – we still haven’t figured out what to do with ourselves here but that’s okay. Our fridge is stocked to the brim with various liquor, vegetables and fruit. (Wine is fruit too – just liquidised) Yesterday we got hopelessly lost but had the chance to venture on the streets of St Julian, which is the #party centre of Malta. Or so our host tells us. Which is perfect. Because guess who is 18 in 11 days? Yes, you guess it – moi. (Which is lucky for us because you have to be 17 here to go clubbing and that’s okay we’re not doing anything illegal) 

Before this trip, I had 10 days in school without anything to do and my days were filled with mindless Netflix watching, napping and going to the gym to feel some sort of purpose. My mind was blank and I’d hoped that after exams creative thoughts would come to mind but alas, it was not to be. Until I decided to do the 365 Days of Gratitude challenge, where I pen down what I’m thankful for everyday for a year and so far, it’s going good. And that got me thinking. Why not use some of the writings as scripts for videos? A visual memoir to things/people I am thankful for. And that’s what I’m going to do. 

My agenda for the next few weeks are kind of like this post – messy, unorganised, free flowing 😉 but till next time – for more rambles. 

x Andrea


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