Three weeks has passed with the days just getting colder and colder. Today, when I woke up after my brother tried to quietly leave the flat, I saw snow, floating down from the clouds. That kept me in bed till 10.30. Because who wants to walk around the streets of London in a tee shirt, cardigan and ripped jeans when frozen water molecules are freezing the very molecules in your own body? Not me.

This month has been about reinvention. Thinking and journaling what I want out of life and what I need to do. There are many things that went back and forth within my mind, thoughts about the future, the past and nothing about the present. Living in the present has always been one of the things I’ve struggled with. Battling with my past has always been something I constantly do, even though I hate myself for doing it.

I also started my vegan adventure this month and am loving it so far – there were times where I wanted to go back to being just a  vegetarian (still better than eating dead animals) because although it seems like the difference is minor between the lifestyles, the effect that comes with removing animal products from your life really does make a difference; for the environment, the animals, the human race and that’s what I try to remind myself everytime I see cheese. It’s not an easy switch when you’re addicted to something that to you, is the best thing in the world (like cheese) but I’m learning and developing and I’ll get there somehow. Although a plus is that I now can eat a whole tub of hummus and not care. A win for me, I would say.

x Andrea




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