Getting a developed roll of film back feels like a present. And a surprise.

I usually take at least a month before a roll of film is ready to be processed because of how much I treasure those 24 or 36 frames that I get – I mean, it accumulates and it’s expensive.

But nowadays, I’m trying to just let go of that worry and just let me take anything I want – capture the moment like I would on digital.

That’s what my new roll of film is going to be like. Or at least, I hope. I tried to incorporate more portraits in this roll as well because I never pay attention to people, just things.

Looking back, there is something missing from my photos and although they’re pleasing to the eye, I feel as though having people present in the pictures will make everything more personal.

Enjoy. Some of these picture are better quality because half of them were taken on a SLR and half were taken on a Lomo. I don’t have a preference because both give me different feels but see if you like them. x

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Andrea x


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